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I wrote a diary yesterday. 我昨天写了一篇日记

i wrote a letter to my pen pal

你好!!slept:I slept at 9:00 p.m. last night.took:He took the book to me yesterday.threw:She threw the rubbish on the floor.wrote:I wrote a letter to her last month.sat:Mary sat here with her classmate yesterday.

wrote 是write v.写的过去式 .动词简单好理解.如:He is writing English now.这是现在进行时.I was writing my homework when my mother came in.这是过去进行时.I will write my diary soon.这是一般将来时.She wr

Have you eaten all the biscuits?你已吃完所有的饼干了吗?I have eaten my lunch.我吃过午饭了.I always take the train there.我经常搭火车去那里.Please take this book to your sister.请把这本书交给你姐姐.The

He often wrote them down on small cards.首先,按词性判断:he是人称代词的主格,考虑做主语;wrote是动词,考虑作谓语;on是介词,可以与名词连用构成状语,且所给词中有small、cards,可以构成地点状语on small cards,又因为down作副词可以与所给词wrote搭配构成动词短语write down 且因为是动副搭配,所以当宾语是代词时放中间,所给词them恰为人称代词的宾格,做宾语,且放在wrote与dowm之间,所以连词成句组成句子He often wrote them down on small cards.(他常把它们写在小卡片上)

she wrote a story about a white cat 她写了一个关于一只小白猫的故事.

We run to help him.我们赶紧去帮助他.The teacher said to tell you not to go now.老师让我告诉你不用去了. I saw your new dress yesterday.我昨天看到le你的新衣服. I'd rather she sat next to me.我宁愿她挨着我坐.He stood up when the coach

wrote[英][rt] [美][rot] v.写( write的过去式 );写信route[英][ru:t] [美][rut, rat] n.路;(公共汽车和列车等的)常规路线;航线;渠道,途径vt.按某路线发送;给…规定路线[次序,程序]现在分词:routeing过去式:routed第三人称单数:routes过去分词:routed

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