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I will write to you next week.我下周会写信给你.

I write a letter to my friend.

He wrote a letter to her boyfriend last night(一般过去) He is writing a letter in his room. (现在进行) He has been writing for two hours(现在完成进行) He will write a letter tomorrow.(一般将来) He was writing a letter at this time last night.(过去进行)

:)1、一般现在时:I write with my right hand .我用右手写字.2、一般过去式:The student wrote letters to her mum two years ago .这个学生三年前还给她妈妈写信.3、现在进行时:He is writing on the blackboard.他正在黑板上写字.4、过去进

she is writing a letter that is not her pen 同学您好,如果问题已解决,记得采纳哦~~~您的采纳是对我的肯定~ 祝您策马奔腾哦~

write for 为……写作 He does not just write for fun; write is his bread and butter. 他写作并不只是为了乐趣,那是他的谋生方式.

write英音:[rait] 美音:[rat] 及物动词 vt. 1.写下,书写I've written only one page. 我只写了一页. 2.写(书等),编写(乐曲等)He wrote lots of poems in his life. 他一生中写了许多诗. 3.填写[O1]4.写信给;写信说[+v-ing][+to-v][O1][O5][O6][O2]

now whose go is it? 现在轮到谁了? i wondered whose the coat was. 我不知道那是谁的外套. candidates need a proposer and seconder whose names are kept secret. 候选人需要一名匿名的推荐人兼支持者.i can't remember whose idea it was for us to meet again. 我记不清我们再次会面是谁的主意了.the men whose names were called left the room. 那些被叫到名字的人离开了房间.

比如爸爸用棒帮我移开了石头 .就是dad help me to remove the stone with a strick. 爸爸帮我移开了石头就是dad help me to remove the stone. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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