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I have studied physics well.

你好!don'.He studied here two years ago;t know what you studied last year.We studied English last year.我不知道你去年学了什么如有疑问,请追问.

1、We carefully watched every detail of his action. 我们仔细观察了他动作的每个细节.2、I backed up carefully until I felt the wall against my back 我小心翼翼地后退,直到感觉后背碰到了墙壁.3、He studied the keyboard carefully, one finger poised. 他仔细研究了键盘,一个手指随时准备敲击.

He studied very hard.

I study hard.I studied last year.I am studying now.I will study tomorrow.I have studied up to now.I said thatI would study.I was studying when you came in.I had studied before you came back.

The plan is under study. 那个计划正在研究中. He has made great progress in his English studies. 他在学习英文方面进步很多. Bioengineering is a new study. 生物工程学是一门新的学问. Mr. Smith is reading in his study. 史密斯先生在书房内

现在进行时(present progressive):I am studying philosophy in college. 一般现在时(simple present):They study whenever they can.一般过去时(simple past):She studied very hard for the test yesterday. 疑问句、过去完成时(interrogative,

Being exhausted,he went home after the football match.Intereted in the class,Li Ming studied very hard.Encouraged by the coach,he played better soon.

He studied English hard in the classroom every day (last year) 如果在后面加一个last year的话 你是否就能看明白了呢 他是去年每天在教室里都学的很认真的

it can't happen overnight.它不会突然发生的.(overnight在此句中为副词,意思是:突然地) 望采纳 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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