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you look very relative

my relatives live near me 我的亲戚住在我家附近

形容词, 相对的,比较的.She is relative lack of experience. 她相对来说缺少经验.名词,家人,亲属,亲戚 He is a distant relative of mine. 他是我的远房亲戚.

1、 Get a relative to look after the children. 找个亲戚来照看这些孩子. 2、 The fighting resumed after a period of relative calm. 战斗在一段相对的平静之后重新开始. 3、They chatted about the relative merits of London and Paris as places to

adj渐渐的;逐渐的;不陡峭的 The result is a gradual improvement in his patient.结果是他的病人在逐渐恢复.

gradual consistent prograss造句 如下:the gradual and consistent progress has far-reaching implications.渐进一致的进展影响深远.

这个英文单词的意思是公平简单造句如下Fairness is a must in the game

I run to work every day. 2.It took me three hours to fly to Beijing. 3.I overslept in the morning. 4.I was late for school. 5.My friend was married,yesterday.

He sat there comfortably. 他舒适地坐在那儿.答题不容易,望采纳,谢谢!!!

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