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in groups造句

in groups 成群结队地;以小组为单位

in groups在团体

We're in a group 我们在一个小组里

work in groups 全部释义和例句>>分组工作work in groups 全部释义和例句>>分组工作work in groups 全部释义和例句>>分组工作work in groups 全部释义和例句>>分组工作

In the PE class, we are divided into 4 groups to play games.

请分组讨论某些用调查形式帮助各种团体的人可否称其为“志愿者”.一、结构分析方式状语:In groups,分成几组祈使句的主句:discuss 请讨论 宾语从句:whether someone can be called a "volunteer" 有的人可否称为“志愿者”定语从句(修饰someone):who helps the groups on the survey form 用调查形式帮助各种团体的(人) 二、知识点1.介词短语-- in groups 分组/成群的-- on the form 以形式 2.用动词原形构成的祈使句 3.用 whether 引导的宾语从句4.跟在先行词后用关系代词 who 引导的定语从句

意思为:我们分组来做这个 in groups 就是分组的意思

1.He never listens to his teacher.2.We should not speak Chinese in English class.3.Sentences are not only the words written in groups.4.If you don't work hard,you will get bad marks in exams.1.Sometim

1 He is not listening to the teacher. 2 Please speak Chinese in class. 3 He can't write the words,for example groups. 4 He got bad marks last exam. 1 He doesn't listen to the teacher. 2 I speak Chinese in class. 3 We don't write the words in groups. 4 He gets bad marks every test.

in groups 简明释义成群结队地;以小组为单位eg:Only spend time together in groups.只在成群结队时和他呆在一起.in teams在团队中eg:Virtually every course I took required working in teams.实际上,每一个我参加的课程都需要团队合作.

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