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FAll Down后面接什么

如果后面接地点的话:fall off=fall down from.英汉字典上查off的解释有明确指出(off=down/away from).i fell off the ladder.=i fell down from the ladder.keep off the grass!=keep away from the grass!

举例 fall off the bike 从单车上摔下来,off 表示从下来 fall down 表示下落 跌落,是不及物的,必须加上from表示从

Fall is used with these nouns as the object: heir, per cent, point, victim He fell 20 metres onto the rocks below PREPOSITION from He fell from the fourth floor. | into One of the kids fell into the river. | on the snow ~ing on the fields | onto

fall over 被什么绊倒,fall from sp从……摔下来=fall offfall into掉入fall down倒塌,跌倒;失败;趴架;栽倒fall in :到期;集合fall on :落到;指向fall behind :拖欠fall out :发生;脱落;争吵;离队;结果是fa

可以,但必须是介词+名词,即介词短语.fall down to the ground 摔倒在地 fall down off the bike 从自行车上摔下

over and broke her leg. 她跌倒并把腿摔断了. There is too much snow on the ground. If you ride much too fast,you will fall over. 地上的雪太多,如果你骑得太快的话,你会摔跤的. fall down强调的是“滑倒、倒下”,后接宾语时应加上介词from

1.及物动词后可带宾语,介词后可带宾语.有些动词后可有双宾语. e.g. teach English 及物动词+宾语 wait for the bus 介词宾语 tell you a story 双宾语(me是间宾语,a story 是直接宾语) 2.He(主语) told (谓语)me (间接宾语)that he was ill yesterday (由that引导的宾语从句作直接宾语)

1. fall over与fall down都表示“摔倒、跌倒”的意思,但它们各自的含义不同.2. fall over强调的是“向前摔倒、跌倒”.She fell over and broke her leg. 她跌倒并把腿摔断了.There is too much snow on the ground. If you ride much too fast, you will

fall over、fall down、fall off的区别为:指代不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、指代不同1、fall over:摔倒.2、fall down:跌倒.3、fall off:掉落.二、用法不同1、fall over:fall的基本意思有,是向更低的位置纵向移动,意为“降落,落下,摔下

settle down to专心致志于 搭配:settle down to sth.专心致志于sth.settle down to doing sth.专心致志地做sth.[此处的to为介词,所以要用动词ing 形式] | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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