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apply sth to do是应用某物做某事,apply sth to doing里的doing做名词使用

succeed to do成功的去完成某事,可以认为还没去完成,而是试图成功去完成 succeed in doing 指在某方面做得很成功,可以理解为一个专长,没有强调是否完成了没有

stick to doing sth 坚持做某事 或者stick to sth

oppose to do反对做 oppose doing 是主动语态,主语是动作的发出者. be opposed to(doing)sth. 反对(做)某事 They were bitterly opposed to the scheme. 他们强烈反对这个计划..

您好,difficult与to do 或doing没有直接关系哦!句型it is +形容词difficult+to do sth意思是“做某事有困难”.

如果做2113practice的宾语,就是5261doing如果是4102做目的1653状版语,就是to do. 如:权1 She practices playing the piano every day.(playing 做宾语)2 She is practicing to do better in the piano playing (to do better== in order to do better做目的状语)

请教whouldyoumind后加todo还是doing would you mind+doing 固定用法 would you mind opening the door

regret 有两种用法:regret to do regret doing 请看例句:We regret to announce the early closing of the play due to reasons beyond our control.She regrets leaving her baby in the care of a nanny, but she needed the job badly.

常见的stick的用法是stick to sth坚持某种信念

应该是make sb do sth. 因为make是使役动词,后面接sb,再接动词时,需要用动词原形做宾语补足语. make sb do:让某人做某事. 分析:这是一个动词短语. make (动词)sb (宾语,用宾格)do(宾语补足语). 例如: In order to | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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