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I wrote a diary yesterday. 我昨天写了一篇日记

i wrote a letter to my pen pal

你好!!slept:I slept at 9:00 p.m. last night.took:He took the book to me yesterday.threw:She threw the rubbish on the floor.wrote:I wrote a letter to her last month.sat:Mary sat here with her classmate yesterday.

tense:a.拉紧,n.时态.[造句]:以[时态]为例,表示动作或状态的有三种基本态三种完成态:(1)现在时态:I write home once a month 我每月给家里写一封信.(2)过去时态:I wrote home yesterday 我昨天给家里写了信.(3)未来时态:I shall write home tomorrow.我打算明天给家里写信.(三种基本态)

I had some bread this morning. 今天早上我吃了点面包.

1.Can you tell me a famous story? 2.The boat carried us around the lake soon. 3.He showed the book to them. 4.Then she walked toward me. 5.Finally the man woke up right at 2 o'clock. 6.It's wrong to tell story in class.


Have you eaten all the biscuits?你已吃完所有的饼干了吗?I have eaten my lunch.我吃过午饭了.I always take the train there.我经常搭火车去那里.Please take this book to your sister.请把这本书交给你姐姐.The

Art is interesting. English is difficult. Math is easy. History is boring. Music is exciting. Art is boring. English is interesting. Math is difficult. History is exciting. Music is easy.

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