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英语翻译大家好 我是韩国人可不可以帮我翻译成英文

1.Everybody is good I am Korean2.I want to make friends Chinese




复制黏贴I don't know this is not a little abrupt, I thought for a long time, I don't want to continue this work, too tired, recently super body uncomfortable, think he was going to collapse, no one can rely on the shoulder. Every day in order to live also need

Hi there,I will talk in English,okay?The email was sent by me here in China.I wanna tell ya that the rolling pens can be found in here too,but I thought the pens which were selling in your online store are much more prettier than ours.Is that possible for me to get some of that here in China?中国是买不到韩国B的,呵呵呵呵.

英文:I don't know this is not the rain abruptly, I thought for a long time, I don't want to continue this work, so tired, super recently body uncomfortable, feel is broken down, no one can rely on the shoulder.Every day in order to life need to face different

Social etiquette Korean Confucian respect, respect for elders, elders entered the house, when we all have to stand and asked them Rogachev. And the elderly to talk Zhaiqu sunglasses. The morning after a meal and the parents have to Wenan;

英文:HONG YONNAM/ I GYONFUN/ KIM UDON 中文:洪延南/ 李甄风/ 金宇东 韩文:

斌:对于哥哥的离开 我感到非常难过~但是,我相信哥哥有自己的理由吧, . .所以无论如何,我都会支持哥哥的决定,3月26日是哥哥的生日, .

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