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A: Hi, you just have had the college entrance examination, don't you?(你们刚结束高考不是吗?) B:Yeah, to my disappointed I didn't do very well in Maths. But somehow, I have managed to go through what I am familiar with.C: Well, it seems to be

A: everybody ,gald to see you B; ok , very happy to meet everybody here C: what should we discuss. D: family A: oh, family? B: let's me talk it. all right C: family, how sweet name it is . D: with it , we have enought confidence to do some difficult matters

A:What do you do to improve your English?你做什么来提高你的英语水平?B:I always. watch English movies.我通常看英语电影's a good method.是的,这是个好办法.D:I would like to talk with Emglish friends我喜欢和英国朋友聊天.

顾客:小心,你的大拇指在我汤里了 服务员:别担心,先生,不是很烫! diner:watchout!yourthumbsinmysoup! waiter:don'tworrysirit'snotthathot! 服务员给顾客拿来了牛排,大拇指在牛肉上.“你疯了吗?”顾客喊到,“你的手在我的牛排上!

嗯 顺便说一下,几天前帮我指导的abc天卞英语中心的外教和我们说过 事实上想征服英语是轻松的.坚持要有一个适合的学习空间以及进修口语对象,老师水平是关键,

英文情景对话已经随处可见,私家车也是随处可见,对于私家车的利弊,你有怎样的想法呢,透过下面英语四人情景对话,我们可以清楚知道私家车的利弊.A: Hello, everyone .Today, we will talk something about private cars.B: OK .Private cars

Reporter: Hi,I'm reporeter.And I'm doing a survey for the dream trip.Where would you like to make your dream trip if you had the time and money?Girl 1 : Paris.Reporter: why?Girl 1 : Will,there are lots of art exhibitions there.And I like art best.Reporter:

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:WYJAY1992 1>A:Guys,NewYear'sDayiscoming,wehaveathree-dayholiday,doyouhaveanyplan?B:Iintendtointhebedroomalone,playingcomputer,washingmyclouse,preparingforexaminations,

第一篇 Mike(M) Danny(C), Tommy(T)---classmates 地点:Scene----in the college dorm大学宿舍 Danny is playing a computer game on his laptop. Tommy is sleeping. Mike came back from a morning jogging. M: hi, Dan, what are u doing? D: I am

Scene- 5 students (Stanley, Stephen, Bob, Jessica, Jenny, Casey) having lunch during a break. Jenny: Do you think internet is good for students? Stanley: I think so. It's very important for me especially in searching information. You can almost

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