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英文翻译 他将自己的成就将归功于自身的勤奋与朋友...

He takes his success owe to his diligence and t the supports from friends.注意使役动词的使用~!!祝你学习进步

He attributes his achievement to his exertion(hard working也可以).attribute to 意思是归因于

Her success can be attributed to her own effort and her friends'help

Everyone wants to succeed. For sucess not only brings joy to the achiever and his friends. Only hard work and persistent effort can bring success. Besides a strong will and resolution, concentration is vital to success. Just as the planting of fruit trees

hard to creat a mircle,strive to achieve future.

一个人的成功与否主要取决于他有多勤奋,而不是他有多聪明The success of a person depends mainly on how hard he is, not how smart he is

1.他把自己的成功归因于工作努力. he attributes his success to his hard work. 2.你知道这部动画片受孩子们喜欢的原因吗? do you know the reason why this cartoon is so popular among children?

他把自己的成功归因于工作努力He attributed his success to hard work

honest, pragmatic, innovative, leading, consummate.前面三个的翻译应该没有什么问题.但是我个人觉得后面两个词的话,由于要跟之前的三个词 词性保持一致,所以我只能选择形容词.可能有不准确的地方,希望能帮到你吧.

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