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一首女生的英文歌 应该一上来就是rAp 后面有i i i i wAnnA gEt...shy

歌曲: Paint Travis Garland & JoJo - Paint Saturday home depot Said your living room needs a fresh coat Pick your colour blue or white Whatever it is, gotta set the mood right Got my hardware let'32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893

I wanted youina

您看看是不是这个.是的话别忘了给奖励哦 Lately I've been thinking about what I can do I've been stressing to fall back in love with you I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through But I can't go on this way. I've got to stop it babe You've been wonderful in

i don't wanna love u,krystal的英文歌,酷狗可以搜到

您好:不清楚,但是好听的英文歌好多呢~~~本人学英语的推荐这些吧希望你能喜欢. 听歌学英语软件, 里边全是经典的英文歌曲, 列表中搜索歌曲就可以, 还有英文歌曲的伴奏和翻译, 若是有搜索不到的歌曲可以联系主播, 每首歌主播都解

almost lover歌手:a fine frenzy 专辑:one cell in the sea [ti:almost lover] [ar:a fine frenzy] [al:one cell in the sea] 我们相爱一年了,oh,yeah your fingertips against my skin the palm trees swaying in the wind in my chase you sang me spanish lullabies

我觉得是Colbie Caillat的Falling For You 以下是歌词,你可以去听听真的很好听啊!I don't know but I think I maybe Fallin' for you Dropping so quickly Maybe I should Keep this to myself Waiting 'til I Know you better I am trying Not to tell you But I

我也在找,刚刚找到,是Ina Worldsen的I wanted you!手机百度客户端回答问题不能发图片.歌唱Ina Wroldsen - I Wanted You高潮是I wanted you to be there when I fallI wanted you to see me through it allI wanted you to be the one I lovedI wanted

布兰妮的《I wanna go》

The Tide Is High 高潮来临 Atometic kitten(原子猫)唱的The tide is high 当高潮来临时, But I'm holding on 但我仍然坚持住 I'm gonna be your number one 我要成为你的唯一 I'm not the kinda girl 我不是那种女孩 Who gives up just like that (Oh no)

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