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Virtual Reality Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that allows you to enter and interact with a world that is generated by a computer. Special graphics, video images and stereo sound make this pretend world seem real. The uses for virtual reality are

The two great inventions, computer and Internet, have been developing at a surprising speed in the past half century. At present, a virtual world has been built roughly, which is quite different from the former real one.In virtual world, by the aid of

fictitious world

With the development of the science and technology,the computer has been becoing the necessity for people in the 21st Century.Following,network is of close link with our life,bringing us incomparable convenience on our life and work.Through the

The advantage and disadvantage of internet As the technology is developing day by day, internet became closely with our live. The internet has being changed ou life a lot. i think internet make us very convenient to get informations. we can learning

now many of my classmates like to surf the internet in their free time.i think internet can bring us both advantages and disadvantages.for example,if i have some trouble studying, i can surf the internet to find more helpful information. and i can make

制茶、饮茶已有几千年历史,名品荟萃,主要品种有绿茶、红茶、乌龙茶、花茶、白茶、黄茶.中国茶艺在世界享有盛誉,在唐代就传入日本,形成日本茶道. 汉族人饮茶,注重一个「品」字.凡来了客人,沏茶、敬茶的礼仪是必不可少的.

lz可以查下维基百科 输入VIRTUAL WORLDOne perception of virtual worlds requires an online persistent world, active and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, to qualify as a true virtual world.[citation needed] Although this is possible

The virtual life feelings and in real life does not adapt The virtual life is the ideal world, everyone in the ideal world is different. Appropriate imagine the happiness of the virtual world can comfort your heart, but too much addiction is to escape and the

Lately, to my horror, I find I can barely live for a single day without having my laptop and the Internet on hand. Everyday, I learn what is going about throughout the world from 21st Century online and BBC; I share my joy and sorrow with my friends all

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