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I have a happy family.我有个幸福的家庭. There are three people in it,my father, my motherand I .我家有3口人,爸爸妈妈还有我. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. 我爸爸是医生,我妈妈是老师. At weekends, we often go to the

my bedroom i have a big bedroom. there are many things in it. there is a big desk in the middle of the room. there are some books, a computer, a keyboard and mouse on it. there's a pencil-box and a lamp on it, too. near the desk, there's a bed.

I have a room.It is big and beautiful.Its colour is yellow.I like toys and there are many toys in my room.It is clean,too .I like my room!

My schoolMy school is Primary School. It's in Village, District, City.There are many trees and grass in my school. There are students and teachers in my school. I love my school very much.My birthdayMy birthday is on Jan./Feb./Mar./June/

my family i have a happy family. there are three of us: my father, my mother and me. my father was a worker. he used to go home late. he was always busy with his work. now he is a boss. he can spend much time with me. my mother is a beautiful

I have a very happy holiday. My dad and mum takes me to my hometown to see my parents. My hometown is in Sichuan. There, I meet my uncle and aunt and my cousins. We play happily together. I have a good time on my holiday.

<p> 1. Teachers' Day comes on September 10th every year. On the day we usually give our teachers cards to show our thanks. I thank them for helping me when I am in trouble, and I thank them for teaching me how to be a real man.</p> <p> Of

My day - 1.I get up at 6 o'clock every morning.2.Then I change my cloth,brush my teeth and wash my face.3.I drink a glass of milk,and eat four slices bread for breakfast.4.I go to school on foot at 7 o'clock every day.5.I do morning exercise with

1. Teachers' Day comes on September 10th every year. On the day we usually give 他们不仅是我们的老师而且我们的朋友.他们爱我们,我们也爱他们 My friend I have a

My favorite season is summer. It is summer ice cream. What's your favorite season? The weather is good. 我只the weather like. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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