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My daily life I used to get up at six, go to school at seven, we every morning have four classes, there are three classes in the afternoon. At half past eleven at noon after school, my mother and I came home for lunch, sometimes going to my sister's


介绍我的日常生活英语作文 i have the same routine from monday to friday. i usually get up at five fifty. then i have breakfast. at six thirty, i go to school. i don't ride a bike. i go to school on foot. i have five lessons in the morning. i do morning

MY DAILY LIFE Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country. I get up at six oclock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth,


zdI usually get up at 7o'clock .and then i brush my teeth and wash my face.Then i have my breakfast.after that,i go to school.

in the moring,i go to school and have a breakfast. in the noon ,i stay at school .in the afternoon, i play withmy good friends.after school,i go home and do my the evening,i watch tv. then i go to bed

1.寒假生活) Dear Tom Long time no see, how is you winter holiday?By the way, I have a good holiday in perfect order. Because i make a studying schedule for myself. In the morning, I read English texts to improve my spoken English. Then I do my

1 am studying at *** high school which has a beautiful campus and 1234 students. Except a small number of students who are living in school's dormitory, most of them have to get up early and come to school from home. I am very interested to

During weekdays, I am busy, because I must go to school. I usually get up at 6:30 a.m.. And then I do some washing. After that, I will have my breakfast at 6:50. I usually go to school at 7:15. Now, I can go to school and come home by myself. I have four

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