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形容词:cloudy 阴天的 rainy 下雨的 sunny晴朗的 windy 有风的 snowy 下雪的动词:rain 下雨 snow 下雪 shine 照耀 blow 刮风 thunder 打雷 名词:rain 雨 snow 雪 sun/sunshine 阳光 wind 风 cloud 云 storm 暴雨

气候变化[农]climatic variation; [农]又称 :气候变化(climate change); [大气]climatic change;气候变化[农]climatic variation; [农]又称 :气候变化(climate change); [大气]climatic change;

summer is hot

:气候变化(climate change);

it(常用来代指天气) weather (名词性,天气、气候) fine, sunny ,windy, snowy , cloudy, rainy, hot ,cold, warm ,(形容词,形容天气)

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" (UNFCCC) in the first paragraph, the words "climate change" is defined as: "After a considerable period of time of observation, in addition to natural climate change by human

sun 太阳 - sunny 晴朗的 rain 雨 - rainy 下雨的 snow 雪 - snowy 下雪的 wind 风 - windy 有风的 fog 雾 - foggy 有雾的 hot 炎热的----cold寒冷的 cool 凉爽的----warm温暖的 wet 潮湿的---- dry干燥的

Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns 气候变化是从几十年到上百万年期间,气候模式的统计数据分布长期变化.气候变化可

给你找上3篇:1.Global warming tops our list of science stories in 2007. Scientists say there is new evidence that the polar ice caps are melting at a faster pace. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says it is 90 percent certain that

There are 4 seasons in China.They are spring,sunmmer,autumn and winter.In spring,the weather is warm and dry.In summer,it's very hot,and it often rains.In autumn,it's cool,but not cold.In winter,it's really cold in the north of China,but warm in the south of China.

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