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卖火柴的小女孩 英文剧本 (我也在用)It was dreadfully cold, it was snowing fast, and almost dark; the evening----the last evening of the old year was drawing in. But, cold and dark as it was, a poor little girl, with bare head and feet, was still

英文小短剧 个人简历: A(衣衫褴褛) B(衣着光鲜) C小花 D小草 E椅 子 F新闻记者. B坐在E上吃东西,A一乞丐上前 A:先生,先生,请给我些面包,谢谢,我饿得不行 了. B:(厌恶)让开,让开.(然后便起身离开,这时他 的钱包

《 荆珂刺秦王》旁白(Aside )/介绍(Introduction): Long ago there was a crazy Don't we? Do we? (赢一个人需要理由么,不需要么,需要么?)李莫愁:Momma

提供一段罗密欧与朱丽叶剧本SceneTwoCapulet's orchard.第二场 同前.凯普莱特家的花园[Enter JULIET]朱丽叶上.JULIETBring in cloudy nightimmediately,spread thy close curtain,love-performingnight,That runaway's eyes maywinkand Romeo.

1、 I work for 7up"! 我可是在七喜公司工作呀 Four best friends met at the hospital since their wives were giving births to their babies. The nurse comes up to the first man and says, "Congratulations, you got twins." The man said "How

Text(正文):A Brother Like That A friend of mine named Paul received an automobile from his brother as a Christmas present. On Christmas Eve when Paul came out of his office, a street urchin was walking around the shiny new car, admiring it.

SNOW WHITE CONTENTS SW--白雪公主 Q--皇后 M--魔镜 H--猎人 P--白马王子 D--小矮人 A--小动物 音乐起,旁白 A long time ago, In a beautiful kingdom, there lived a young king and queen, the people loved them so much; the queen died while

我编的,可以参考哟4男:(名字自己改)Jason, Gabriel, Dylan, Nick2女:Ashley, Kaitlyn-----------------------------------------Jason: How do you guys think of siblings? 杰森:你们觉得有兄弟姐妹怎么样?Ashley: What else? Annoying, loud, idiotic爱

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