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关于大学生做家教的英语作文 120字左右 单词不要太难啊

Nowadays,college students as a tutor has become popular. Those who are in favor claim that it has a lot of advantages. To begin with,to be a tutor out of class can review knowledge .Besides,it can be in touch with more people and collect society

My college life I am proud of being a college student. The college life is wonderful. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new classmates and fresh friends are around me. I've felt their friendship, wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand

Many college students want to experience more during college time to make life rich ,some of them choose being tutors,which most of college students can be qualified.Being a tutor has many advantages for young students,which can offer a good

Dear May, How are you? I miss you very much. we haven't met each other since we said goodbye last July.I am very well. my family moved into a new house last month. this house is big and nice. we are very happy. in my new house, i can do a lot of


One advantage to volunteerism is that it exposes undergrads to a variety of scenarios and circumstances. Many students have been too sheltered and pampered at home. Joining volunterr work will ensure that they are able to learn the ropes of life

During my study in the university, the most lucky thing is that I have a very good classmate. He is a very kind person with a smile on his face usually. We play basketball together, fighting against a lot of rivals. When I don't want to go to the class, my

As adults, college students are responsible individuals capable of sensible and independent judgments and decisions. Living on or off campus is really a matter of personal choice and different students can make their decisions that best accord

An unforgettable experience Usually,the first time you did something is unforgettable,although it couldn't be always wonderful. As for me,an unforgettable experience of mine is the first time I joined the Red Cross.We took boxes,and walked on the

英语作文 用120个左右单词写关于学生该不该 帮父母做家务的短文,要点如下, 1.有些学生认为学习最重要 学习时间宝贵,做家务浪费时间, 2.也有些学生认为做家务能让他们更好的理解父母3.陈述你

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